Sunday, April 22, 2018

Looking at BC's 990 form

The Heights did their usual reporting on BC's 990 tax filing doc. Being a private school, this is one of the few times we can get real information as to what BC is doing and where they are spending money. Part of the filing includes compensation of "key employees." There are a few predictable salaries and some trends that might be interesting.

1. Addazio, Christian, York, etc. As expected, Addazio is the highest paid BC employee (with a base comp of $2.4 M and another of amount of $54k). It doesn't say what the $54K is. Many non-sports employees have a similar number. Perhaps a bonus, or credited offset for tuition or maybe access to a leased car. I don't know. Christian is getting 1.4 (which is low for the ACC). York gets 600k. This was also one of those years where we didn't pay for fired coaches. And even though Bates got 600k in this filing, he won't be on next year's.

2. No other sports salaries listed. BC included Leo Sullivan on here even though he only made 190k in his semi-retirement role. There are other Athletic Department employees including some coordinators, assistant coaches and key leadership who made more than that but are not listed. I don't know how or why BC picks the employees they do include.

3. Non-athletic salaries continue to grow. Next time a member of the BC community criticizes the cost for sports, point him or her to this doc. Once again, the compensation for BC's leadership continues to rise. I am not begrudging anyone his or her salary. And I understand that despite the non-profit status, BC remains a huge operation and these people are in charge of millions in revenue and thousands of people (students and staff). I also know the cost of living in Boston and how the salaries across higher ed continue to grow. I don't know when the market corrections impacting colleges will (if ever) hit BC, but it will be interesting to see how the school adjusts its overhead staff accordingly.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

BC hosts ALS/Frates Day at Fenway

More than 5,000 people showed up to watch BC take on Florida State at Fenway as part of the annual ALS Awareness Game. It was the event's largest crowd. Unfortunately the team didn't send the fans and Frates home with a win, falling to Florida State 13-7. With the loss, BC falls to 5-15 in ACC play.

But the bright spot of the day is what this does to help Frates and continue to keep his fight against ALS in the public eye. It has been four years since the Ice Bucket Challenge and Pete's and his family's work and fight continue to amaze.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Basseball loses tight game against FSU

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lax completes undefeated regular season

Congratulations to the Lacrosse team for completing an undefeated regular season. They did so in dramatics fashion (see tweet below) as Sam Apuzzo won the game with just 1.7 second left.

BC enters next week's ACC Tournament as the top seed. Let's keep it going.

(Despite the Women's success, don't expect a scholarship DI Men's program any time soon.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Get to know Steve Lubischer

Recent verbal Steve Lubischer committed as a athlete, but as you can see from this video, he does have the skills to play QB. I like the idea of him coming as an athlete and potentially moving to WR or DB. It is really low-risk for BC. If he can't break into the QB depth chart, we can get him on the field in other areas. I also think reinforcing our New Jersey ties and keeping Football Alumni children in the program is a good thing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Recruiting keeps rolling: adds Maryland DB

Another happy Spring Game visitor. Maryland DB prospect Jalen Williams verballed to BC once he got home from the weekend. The services rate him as a 3 star and he has a bunch of lower-level P5 offers from places like Kentucky, Rutgers, West Virginia and North Carolina. (Interestingly Maryland is not mentioned in the write up.)

Williams seems like the type of guy that has and will continue to thrive at BC. Respectable offers, but nothing that gets the Scouting Services excited. He has good size but not overwhelming speed. He is coming to BC for the right mix of reasons. This seems like a good fit. Congrats to Jalen and welcome aboard.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Addazio picks up commitment from CT Lineman

Connecticut OLine prospect Jack Conley verballed to BC Monday. He's from New Canan and has a history with Zach Allen so that helped in the process. He holds decent Power 5 offers and has a huge frame.

There are two things I find important about his commitment. First we haven't lost OLine recruiting momentum even with the change in position coaches. Frye was his primary recruiter, but the staff continued on him even after Frye left.

The second notable thing about Conley and other Connecticut recruits, is how they rarely mention UConn. I know losing hurts recruiting, but I also believe that the conference shuffle killed so much of their momentum in state. That's good for BC.