Monday, February 19, 2018

A history on how BC ended up with a few North Carolina players

Jerome Robinson is looking at first team All ACC honors and Ky Bowman probably has a future on the team next year. Both are North Carolina natives and both were ignored by their home state ACC schools. How that happened and how they ended up at BC is part of a great article by Joe Giglio.

After reading the history, you realize how much of recruiting can be luck and timing. While the best players like Lebron James are easy to identify at an early age, other like Steph Curry (who also didn't have ACC offers) develop later or have skills that are harder to appreciate over size and strength. Plus -- and this is a factor in football too -- the stockpile of talent at the best schools leaves great players on the bench not playing. Those scenarios enable a player on a less talented team to develop and grow.

The other big takeaway is how critical Scott Spinelli is to Christian's success. In both cases, his network and his legwork put these players on BC's radar. I have real questions about Christian's ability to build a long-term winner at BC, but don't doubt Spinelli's ability to find and recruit talent. (Maybe the wrong guy is in charge.)

Watching Robinson and Bowman develop has been fun. I hope they keep growing as players and we find a few more just like them in ACC country.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Enjoy some Dillon highlights

The ACC Network put out a nine minute highlight reel for AJ Dillon. It is a slow news day so enjoy.

Watching it back you'll see that Dillon got some great blocking, but also has great vision. He saw holes and made good cuts throughout this clip. He's not just a pure powerback.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Another rough day against the Irish

I think BC's bubble burst Saturday. Besides dampening postseason hopes, the lopsided loss to Notre Dame also had me questioning if Christian is a good enough Xs & Os coach to every be above average at BC. For the second time against the Irish, BC allowed a guy to go off from beyond the arc. Matt Farrell hit some tough shots, but too often he the D was to loose. Notre Dame shot 60% from 3 and 63% from the field. Horrible. Why are we so unprepared against recurring opponents?

Robinson had 29 points and would have been a bigger story if not for Farrell. It was a disappointing game for most of the other guys.

I don't think Christian is in trouble. This season and his recruiting have bought him time. But he needs to find an assistant who can better help with game prep. If not, we will be in holes over and over again.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Jerome Robinson media push

Jerome Robinson is having a very good season. He's exploded offensively. BC is actually competing and winning ACC games and he is probably looking at First Team All ACC honors. But can he win ACC Player of the Year? It would take a really strong finish and some media attention. This week the media attention started.

ACC Network highlight packages from last week.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Strong 3rd period gives BC win over UMass.

The Men's team bounced back from Monday's frustrating loss with a solid comeback against UMass Thursday. BC scored four in the final period for the win. Without a dominant team, the Hockey East picture is muddled. But BC can still control its own destiny.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

BC won't change the name of the Yawkey Athletic Center

According to a report in The Heights, BC will not change the name of the Yawkey Athletic Center. The school cited an agreement with the Yawkey Foundation that the building would carry the name as part of the Foundation's $15 million gift. The controversy related to the Yawkey name started when Red Sox owner John Henry started pushing the City of Boston to change the name of Yawkey Way outside of Fenway.

When the controversy first started last summer, I said BC should change the name or tweak it enough that it would be associated with Jean Yawkey. Even with keeping the name, BC can start rebradning it internally ("YAC" or "Y-A-C") to the point that the Yawkey aspect of the name becomes an afterthought. They could also shrink or change the lettering outside the building.

As long as the Red Sox push their issue, BC's challenge will linger. I am not upset about the name. I just continue to believe BC needs some sort of plan to deal with the issue in the future. The Foundation was generous, but there is no reason for BC to take a big stand to defend Tom Yawkey -- a man with no real ties to the school. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

BC roars back after awful start against Pitt

If BC starts as poorly as they did  -- including Robinson's foul trouble -- against any team other than Pitt, they don't come back. But Pitt is terrible, so BC was able to run away with the game and secure a winning season.

Even with the extended time on the bench Robinson scored 27. If he keeps this up, he is going to be first team All ACC. A really strong finish puts him in player of the year conversations. The foul trouble and blowout also meant that Baker got more minutes and actually looked confident with the ball. He finished with 11.

BC takes on Notre Dame next. Nothing is a must win yet, but all homes games should be Ws from here on out.